November 30th 2019

It's acceptable to be happy. It's acceptable to be sad. Angry, frustrated, cheerful, jeal-ous,they all get by. But Vulnerable? No. And acknowledging or expressing your vulnerabili-ty? Heavens, no.

Why are we averse to, and afraid of, this much-needed experience? What conditioning keeps us from embracing Vulnerability?

The answer lies in our understanding, rather misunderstanding, of its true meaning. Vulner-ability is not the exposure to external attack or harm. It's not the fear of being unguarded. It's not pulling down your walls and opening up yourself, and all your weaknesses, to the outside world. Truthfully, Vulnerability is neither fear nor weakness. It's a choice you make. An experience you allow.

Vulnerability is the strength with which you let the moment be. It comes from celebrating `being' and not doing something about it. It is born of faith, the faith that says you are always in the divine embrace and ever shielded. Pain trumpets its arrival in the cloak of Vulnerability but you welcome it with open arms because you are in faith, because you know that only the quantum of pain set aside for you comes your way.

To be Vulnerable is to be open to attack,
to let your guard down,
to let go, to let in — to allow.
To not plan and arrange but allow life,
allow the divine plan to unfold...
never mind that it brings pleasure or pain.

Vulnerability is self-belief and surrender. Surrender to the Higher Power, the one that knows best, the divine planner Who is the beginning and Who is the end.

Turned on its head, Vulnerability is born of actions you're conditioned to avert. Not some-thing bad that happens to you but something that you allow, and it's crucial that you un-derstand this. You choose to be vulnerable and let your guard down when you feel empow-ered. You choose to be open to attack when you feel joyous, when the going is good, when the sail's up and all's well. You choose to be vulnerable when you are centered in who you are. When you are note taker but the giver, when no fears plague you and you fear losing nothing. Not love, not your sense of self, not something you value because you know that what is yours is seeking you. When you are in absolute control of the I, the I that is aware of the unlimited power within. The I that is bathed in the light of awareness and knows that it is never alone, never unguarded and knows no fear.

You are vulnerable when you're unafraid.
You are vulnerable when you're invested.
You are vulnerable when you allow them to know that
under the grandeur you're just as human
and just as susceptible to hurt.

It's imperative that you allow yourself to experience it. Don't be afraid to be Vulnerable. Instead, celebrate it, for it means you've shunned fear... and that pain. for you, has lost its Sting.

The Vulnerables are the mightiest among us. for they dare to let go and dare to live life free of the worry of the outcome by daring to live in the 'now' and not in the 'what-ifs' and 'if-onlys'. They live in the trust that they are always protected. always safe, always loved. They know Aham Saha.

"Vulnerability is the choice to live life
as the bold and the brave, and flow with the flow.
Untethered, unrestrained and in that absolute freedom
experience the 'not knowing'.
And celebrate the beauty of letting go,
of trust and self belief"

- Nupur Mahajan