The Earth Song

Unlike anything India has witnessed before, The Earth Song is a Broadway style musical with the central storyline of oneness of mankind together with Vedic wisdom woven into a grand theatrical experience. The Earth Song talks of a united world, "beyond black and white and brown and yellow. Beyond narrow walls, an alignment. Beyond fragments, a oneness." Conceptualised, scripted and directed by Nupur Mahajan, The Earth Song premiered as the centrepiece of Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup, at Kalinga stadium in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. And created a befitting showcase for India at a world stage and a never-before experience for the world of hockey.

The Journey

For someone who believes that every content piece must have a message for the larger good, The Earth Song was born to give the world the message of oneness. A performance filled with soul, in a unique presentation, with a universal message that resonates with people in any part of the world. And one that would be grasped just as well visually as it would be understood by those who follow the English language. To bypass barriers of geographical boundaries and the divide of language is Nupur Mahajan’s big signature...

The Earth Song sees Mother Earth reach out to her children and help them understand their true identity. “Your true identity as children of the same God” and this she does by tracing the journey of mankind and addressing divides of colour, race, gender and geographies. With her signature creative flair, Nupur adrresses societal issues like tribals and the traditionally locked-out, and bestows on them a new identity: The Originals.

Immerse yourself in the riveting production right here.

The Impact

The effect of The Earth Song was heartwarming and instantaneous. Even before it was staged the promsie of its message ensured that the production receive much attention. And once staged, it reverberated across the stadium and reflected in the press coverage it received in the days that followed. Every leading national and regional newspaper featured the performance, its scale and most importantly, its message. This was a clear indication that the message that needed to be delivered had been received positively and with open arms by the nation.

The Journey Ahead

The message of oneness and one world is universal even as it is the need of the hour and The Earth Song is set to travel the world with the fluidity that the world needs.