It all begins with an idea but it all depends on what you do with it. This is where Nupur Mahajan comes in. A mind full of limitless ideas, Nupur is a thinker and an achiever but quintessentially, a doer.

A multi-tasker & micro-manager with a fertile mind and indefatigable energy, think of Nupur as that friend who grasps your dilemma better than you and fights your battle as her own.

Simple, effective solutions is her big signature; the quest - to make a difference subtly but resoundingly.

This legacy, of more than two decades of experience across industries extends itself into her eponymous company.

Where originality dictates it all and no two projects are the same.

Where nothing is too big, too small, too umanageable, and not our job.

Where outcomes are left to God but the doing is with the conviction of victory, always.


Nupur’s uncommon insight and finger on the pulse of everything relevant helps her stay two steps ahead of the game at all times. She will discover your truth, make it her own, and tell it such that it resonates with most everyone. Because hers is a unique perspective. One that unearths your fundamental truth even as it is the perfect bridge between you and each of your audiences.

A student at heart she seldom does a repeat act and every project is a dive into unchartered territory. And it is this non-templatised approach, which gives her brand of work that heart-warming freshness and honesty.

That she is driven by purpose and a sense of ownership implies that she only takes on work to deliver desired results. You will have another you working along – with your dedication, your passion, and your hunger to make it work. She, and her team, are intrinsically givers and what they give you most is reassurance.

Because is there any other way to take on another’s challenge and set the benchmark?

For work queries or to work with us, drop us a line at nhr@nupurmahajan.in and leave the rest to us